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Studies with Provacyl


A lot of products that claim to be effective HGH supplements fail miserably when used and therefore many men around the world have given up even looking for HGH supplements. This prompted medical organizations to carry out research on the products that are being sold in the markets. These researches would help the buyers get to the right product. A lot of products were marked ‘scam’ right away but there were a few products that caught the eye and were regarded as effective products.

Provacyl tops the list of effective products in the category and is being widely used by people all over the world. There have been a number of studies related to Provacyl and most of these studies have given common results. In certain studies, the product was given to men above 45 years of age and the over-all difference was noted. Here are some of the results that doctors and researchers came across:


  • 60 percent wrinkle removal
  • Hair growth increased by 70 percent
  • Injuries healed quicker by 30 percent
  • Skin elasticity increased by 70 percent
  • Increase in muscle mass by 60 percent
  • 84 percent fat loss
  • Subjects reported feeling a lot more energetic
  • Subjects reported having intense sexual desires and improved sex drive
  • Increase in overall penis size and harder erections were reported by subjects

If you go through a few genuine Provacyl reviews, you would find the same observations. Most studies and researches on the product have also thrown a positive light on the product which simply means that if you have been suffering from male menopause or andropause, Provacyl might just be the perfect product for you.

You can always surf the web for other products in the category in order to know about the products that have enjoyed a good reputation in the market. It is highly recommended that you go through a few reviews and testimonials and that you talk to a doctor before you go out there to buy a certain product.

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